Henry and june scenes Henry & June is first NC-17 film

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Uma Thurman in Henry & June [ Trailer ]

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Henry and june scenes

If Anais' sexual exploits are an effort on her part to feel alive, then in a way she is not much different than someone who gets their kicks by skydiving, or by joining a "fight club". The other object of Anais' fascination is played with captivating lushness by Uma Thurman. Despite dealing with erotica and being the first film to gain an NC rating it needn't have , Kaufman's film is surprisingly short on raw sexuality. She tells her husband "I need to know people who are alive! Some of the transitions between scenes are masterful in themselves. June begins the film as an extremely intimidating being who takes pleasure in stringing people along with her vampish allure. The nature of June allows for plenty of legitimate scenery chewing, as they say, and Uma doesn't hesitate to throw herself at the role. The rest of the supporting cast also offer nice moments, including a pre-fame Kevin Spacey as Henry's roommate. In a thankless role as the ever-devoted Hugo, Richard E Grant provides a solid counterbalance to the flamboyant Ward and Thurman. Uma had to subtly reveal that June was putting on a show without revealing her own show. Instead he evokes a heavily romanticised and intellectual approach to Anais' experiences. Henry and june scenes

Henry and june scenes

Henry and june scenes

Henry and june scenes

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    It's not broken bones that are at stake for her though, but the complex, and perhaps more treacherous, world of human emotions.

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    The rest of the supporting cast also offer nice moments, including a pre-fame Kevin Spacey as Henry's roommate.

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    What's interesting about Anais is that when the consequences of her duplicity catch up on her, she doesn't back away or seek shelter but is instead exhilarated by the drama she has created. Henry and June features magnificent performances from the whole cast. Maria de Madeiros anchors things superbly as Anais, simultaneously appearing innocent and erotic.

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