Prophetstown il weather Weather in Prophetstown, IL, United States

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CBS 2 Weather Watch (5 P.M. Jan. 28, 2019)

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Prophetstown il weather

High in the mid 50s. Water is always present in the air around us as a vapor, but it's too small for us to see. Prophetstown weather forecast issued today at 2: Thu 21 Mar Whiteside Mostly sunny. Each reflectivity image you see includes one of two color scales. High in the mid 40s. The dBZ values increase as the strength of the signal returned to the radar increases. Bright and colored areas show high moisture ie, clouds ; brown indicates very little moisture present; black indicates no moisture. Low in the upper 30s. Drizzle Condensation is the process which creates clouds, and therefore it is a crucial process in the water cycle. A 20 percent chance of rain Showers in the evening. Northwest wind 10 to 15 Mph. Prophetstown il weather

Prophetstown il weather

Prophetstown il weather

Prophetstown il weather

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